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Re: MacPorts is now upgraded to popt-1.11

From: Anders F Björklund <afb@algonet.se>
Date: Tue 19 Jun 2007 - 22:30:09 CEST
Message-Id: <31f9ffee369b7cee27dc74be3e2a57a2@algonet.se>
Jeff Johnson wrote:

> w00t!
> Yes with the necessary va_end patch.

Wondered why my RPM installation suddently stopped working...

Turned out that I updated the outstanding ports and didn't
really browse through entire list. So it updated popt, but
rpm was still compiled with the old internal popt version.

This causes spectacular failures like not finding "rpmq":
$ rpm -qa
rpm: -qa: Invalid argument

Downgrading to popt 1.10_4 again fixed it, will try to
figure out how to make the two co-exist... (rpm/popt)
Do I want to use the internal version, or the external ?

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