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popt clarification on poptGetNextOpt()

From: Danny Sung <dannys@mail.com>
Date: Thu 06 Dec 2007 - 23:41:51 CET
Message-ID: <47587AAF.7090701@mail.com>
Hi, the popt source code references ewt@redhat.com as the maintainer, 
but that bounced, so hopefully this is the right place to send this...

Sorry if this is old news to people...  I /just/ discovered a memory 
leak in my use of poptGetNextOpt().  It wasn't clear from the man page 
that the calling function must deallocate this memory, so I added it 
(patch enclosed).

Is this the intended behavior?  If so, it seems that poptGetNextOpt()
should return "char *" instead of "const char *".

I'm referencing popt as included in rpm- and the version of popt
I'm using is

However, I did just check popt-1.12 in the fc8 project and saw the exact
same code, so I don't think it's changed in a while.


--- popt.3.orig	2007-11-29 13:26:14.904926497 -0800
+++ popt.3	2007-11-29 13:27:32.687138451 -0800
@@ -367,6 +367,7 @@
 This function returns the argument given for the final option returned by
 .BR poptGetNextOpt() ", or it returns " NULL " if no argument was specified."
+The calling function is responsible for deallocating this string.
 Many applications take an arbitrary number of command-line arguments,
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