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popt-1.13 release

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Tue 11 Dec 2007 - 23:09:45 CET
Message-Id: <E07A52D9-C6E9-470B-B39C-53C819D40498@mac.com>
I've built popt-1.13 packages at

This  will be released as popt-1.13 through rpm5.org after receiving  
3 positive reports
of WORKSFORME or Thursday evening, which ever comes first.

Here's the final changelog for popt-1.13:

1.12 -> 1.13:
     - release popt-1.13.
     - jbj: add a %track section (as in rpm-5.0) to popt.spec.
     - jbj: chg poptGetOptArg() to "char *", document application  
needs to free.
     - jbj: re-add it.po (from Sandro Bonazzola  
     - jbj: rescuscitate the splint annotations.
     - jbj: change sizeof to use the type implicitly, rather than  
     - jbj: remove incorrect casts, changing to size_t where needed.
     - jbj: remove unused STD_VFPRINTF macro.
     - jbj: reindent (and otherwise diddle) recent patch for popt  
coding style.
     - jbj: remove splint bounds/branch annotations, little gain,  
much pain.
     - jbj: revert alloca usage again again.
     - jbj: handle Solaris signed character isspace(3) issues  
     - bero: read /etc/popt.d/* files.
     - jbj: don't read /etc/popt twice (#290531).
     - jbj: isspace(3) has i18n encoding signednesss issues on  
Solaris (#172393).
     - jbj: refactor column cursor to a structure, carry maxcols as  
     - jbj: use TIOCGWINSZ to determine --help column wrapping.
     - jbj: help formatting for POPT_ARG_MAINCALL.
     - jbj: remove N_(...) markings from popt.h, markers in  
popthelp.c instead.
     - jbj: add zh_CN.po (Translation Project).
     - jbj: use PACKAGE_BUGREPORT.
     - jbj: hotwire POPT_AUTOHELP/POPT_AUTOALIAS lookup in popt i18n  


73 de Jeff
Received on Tue Dec 11 23:10:34 2007
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