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Re: popt-1.13 release

From: Takao Fujiwara - Tokyo S/W Center <Takao.Fujiwara@Sun.COM>
Date: Fri 11 Jan 2008 - 08:49:25 CET
Message-id: <47871F85.70302@Sun.COM>
Actually I'm not sure what is your problem.
Which applications do you try?

It seems recently some of modules, GTK, Bonobo and GNOME session, uses goption. When the application uses --help options, it includes the output of both goption and popt.
goption has the current encoding but popt is UTF-8 then you may encounter the problem.
Could you apply POPT_fprintf() for popt options only?


Robert Scheck wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Dec 2007, Takao Fujiwara - Tokyo S/W Center wrote:
>>Is your problem fixed by replacing "char++" with POPT_next_char() ?
>>If it's right, I think POPT_fprintf() does need to be reverted.
> I'm a bit clueless regarding the code. It's mostly Jeff's work and I hacked
> the rest to get a "working" popt for Fedora. Replacing POPT_fprintf() by
> the previous fprintf() seems to work around the problems, which ends from
> my point of view in: POPT_fprintf() has problems with non-ASCII characters
> when the locale isn't a UTF8 one.
> Do you mean "ch++;" vs. "ch = POPT_next_char(ch)"? I can't see any big
> difference there, as far as POPT_fprintf() vs. fprintf() brought visible
> results to me only.
> Greetings,
>   Robert
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