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Re: popt-1.13 release

From: Takao Fujiwara - Tokyo S/W Center <Takao.Fujiwara@Sun.COM>
Date: Sun 13 Jan 2008 - 16:06:16 CET
Message-id: <478A28E8.4070705@Sun.COM>

Robert Scheck wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Jan 2008, Takao Fujiwara wrote:
>>When I run "rpm --help" or "kudzu --help" on de_DE@euro locale in Fedora 7, 
>>I don't find any problems.
> Fedora 7 has popt delivered with rpm, so it's an old popt version which
> never saw your changes. And all popt packages I officially prepared for
> Fedora 8 are currently undoing your changes per patch to avoid really any
> regression for the Fedora users.

Hmm.., I mean I've already applied the POPT_printf parts with popt sources and I cannot reproduce your problem.

>>Do you make sure your terminal emulater is launched on de_DE@euro locale 
>>instead of UTF-8 locales?
> My terminal emulator has the correct locales - same when connecting via SSH
> to that machine e.g. using PuTTY and Windows :)

I have the concern to use Windows.
Please make sure you log on de_DE@euro locale modifing /etc/gdm/locale.alias.

> If you want to reproduce that, you could take the srpm popt-1.13-1 package
> in testing for Fedora 8, rip my patch out, rebuild and install it. Then you
> should see what I'm seeing. And what I'm seeing is no typical ISO-8859-1(5)
> vs. UTF-8 problem, I know them already.

In my env, popt shows correct ISO-8859-1 and I cannot reproduce it.


> Greetings,
>   Robert
Received on Sun Jan 13 16:06:28 2008
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