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popt-1.14 is starting to congeal

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Wed 13 Feb 2008 - 03:00:58 CET
Message-Id: <2DCCBB7B-2B4D-475C-B051-85D2FB142064@mac.com>
I've been rewriting pcregrep to use popt instead the last week.

One of the side effects of teaching pcregrep to use popt is
that I've found some time to work on popt as well.

I will merge the patches posted to <popt-devel@rpm5.org> before  

Meanwhile, since the patches have mostly to do with --help column  
using wide characters, as well as obscure conversions from UTF-8 for  
and signed characters on Solaris, ... well, popthelp.c has some  
changes that are going to need testing, and isprint() is now used to  
displays of single character options.

Here's the hacking towards popt-1.14 so far:

1.13 -> 1.14:
     - jbj: expose poptSaveLongLong and poptSaveString in the loader  
     - jbj: add POPT_ARG_ARGV, starting with the poptSaveString()  
     - jbj: add help for POPT_ARG_LONGLONG.
     - jbj: hmmm, POSIXly correct --echo-args needs fixing, disable  
for now.
     - jbj: poptint.h: typedef's for string and string arrays.
     - jbj: add POPT_ARG_LONGLONG, and poptSaveLongLong().
     - jbj: poptint.h: add poptSubstituteHelpI18N() to bury the ABI  
     - jbj: start using poptArg and poptArgType() where useful.
     - jbj: poptint.h: add a poptArgType define for bitfield type  
     - jbj: poptint.h: add a poptArg union for opt->arg access  
without casts.
     - jbj: include "-- Terminate options" end-of-options msg in  
     - jbj: opt->argDescrip[0] determines "--foo=bar" or "--foo bar".
     - jbj: --long always padded for alignment with/without "-X, ".
     - jbj: Display shortName iff printable non-space.
     - jbj: POPT_AUTOALIAS: if no popt aliases/execs, don't display  
the sub-head.
     - jbj: add --libdir=/%{_lib} to popt.spec.
     - jbj: add .cvsignore to m4 subdirectory.
     - jbj: remove duplicate nb locale from ALL_LINGUAS.
     - jbj: autogen.sh: on linux, add --libdir=/lib (no /lib64  
autodetect yet).

I've got a reproducer for a "--foo=bar" (broken) vs. "--foo  
bar" (works) issue
with popt aliases that will take a day or so to figger,

There's also some apparent breakage in the testit.sh script with non- 
argument lists that will need some fixing. Dunno when popt broke, but  
it appears more than
2 years ago form some quick checks (note "quick", I could easily be  
wrong or misinformed or
glibc of gcc or otherwise clueless ...)


73 de Jeff
Received on Wed Feb 13 03:04:02 2008
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