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Re: Adding poptSecuritySaneFile to popt-1.15?

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Fri 19 Dec 2008 - 19:11:31 CET
Message-id: <155B25B2-4010-472E-B273-0986CDCAF20F@mac.com>

On Dec 19, 2008, at 11:13 AM, Jeff Johnson wrote:
>>> Any other opinions?
>> As long as the particular security check (here rpmSecuritySaneFile
>> for RPM_VENDOR_OPENPKG) embedded into POPT can be optionally still
>> overridden from within RPM (in case one needs some additional  
>> checks or
>> a different error message or whatever) I'm happy. Perhaps an optional
>> callback does the trick.

Attached is a preliminary (I'm still pondering aesthetics/ 
reflecting API additions that I might find useful, mostly because I'm
doing the same silly boilerplate code everywhere I use popt these
days and my mouse button finger is getting arthritic.

Opinions? Otherwise the patch is mostly *yawn* ...

No hurry, I have some trickier implementations to accomplish, including
using the newly added poptGroup() marker to sort argv[] arguments to
remove order sensitivity for the RPM CLI.

And there's also --opt/--noopt automation toggling, per the RFE a  
couple months back.

And likely a few other RFE's that I will dig out of the popt-devel  
archives as I proceed.

If you do have additional RFE's for popt, now would be a wonderful  
time to send them along.

73 de Jeff

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