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Releasing popt-1.15, last call for features

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Fri 03 Apr 2009 - 17:22:59 CEST
Message-id: <2B6EF298-73A9-45BD-AD31-3291BC689650@mac.com>
Its likely as good a time as any to release popt-1.15,
as I'm never sure when I will have time to work on popt.

My reason for releasing now is so that I can start using
two new features in popt, and start phasing out legacy
compatible retrofit code:

The first "feature" is POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE, which permits
both --foo and --nofoo (and --no-foo for the Debian enthralled)
options to be used to set or clear bit fields.

The second "feature" is a bit more subtle, doing simple sanity
checks, like is it a file, and is it owned by "root", on a
configuration file if the path is proceeded with a '@' attention

I will append the changelog for popt-1.15 below.

Any other RFE's?

73 de Jeff

1.14 -> 1.15:
     - jbj: poptReadFile: permit NULL if return values are not desired.
     - jbj: poptReadFile: add routine.
     - jbj: trim out escaped newline(s) from file content, other fixes.
     - jbj: permit popt alias/exec to include content from a file.
     - jbj: permit glob(3) patterns in appName field of popt alias/ 
exec config.
     - jbj: add test cases for bit operations and toggles.
     - jbj: avoid displaying --[no]nofoo with POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
     - jbj: add poptArgInfo() to get argInfo, implementing  
     - jbj: add longOptionStrcmp() to match w POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
     - jbj: change singleDash arg to a bit enum, use LF_ISSET(ONEDASH)  
     - jbj: rework the glob wrappers into something more useful.  
portability todo++.
     - jbj: stub in glob(3) wrappers for popt. more useful poptGlob()  
API next.
     - jbj: add poptInit/poptFini/poptReadConfigFiles/poptSaneFile  
     - jbj: rewrite poptReadConfigFile(), styling for (i.e. my)  
     - jbj: reserve a bit for --[no]opt prefix toggling.
     - jbj: fix: check/print argv[0] in --help for NULL.
     - jbj: permit type/group bitmasks to be changed (if needed  
     - jbj: snip out 8 unused bits for argument groups.
     - jbj: fix: eliminate dead code (CID#5).
     - jbj: fix: rearrange code to better hint to coverity scan (CID#9).
     - jbj: fix: rewrite (and simplify) strdup_locale_from_utf8()  
(CID#7, CID#8, CID#11, CID#12).
     - jbj: test/use HAVE_SRANDOM to avoid portability issues.
     - jbj: fix: remove AC_CHECK_VA_COPY check, va_copy is no longer  
     - jbj: add eo.po and id.po (Translation Project).
     - jbj: updated da.po (Translation Project).
     - jbj: extend coverage to several additional setup routines.
     - jbj: add tests for --usage/--help coverage.
     - jbj: add lconv/gcov targets to Makefile.am.
     - jbj: refactor automagic (*opt->arg) option arg store to  
     - ldv: update INPUT tag in Doxyfile.in, fix doxygen warnings in  
     - start popt-1.15 development.
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