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Patch suggestion to use $(libdir)/pkgconfig rather $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig

From: Robert Scheck <robert@rpm5.org>
Date: Sun 24 Nov 2013 - 17:05:50 CET
Message-ID: <20131124160550.GB25314@hurricane.linuxnetz.de>
Hello all,

attached is a tiny patch suggestion to use $(libdir)/pkgconfig rather
$(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig. Background is, that current causes on Fedora
x86_64 "/usr/lib/pkgconfig" while it should be "/usr/lib64/pkgconfig".

Using $(libdir)/pkgconfig rather $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig seems to be
common when searching on the Internet. However this patch is not really
compliant with Fedora's /%{_lib} vs. %{_libdir} handling before the
UsrMove with Fedora 17 (which can be ignored from my point of view).

Alternatively --with-pkgconfigdir or similar should be implemented, I
would like to discuss this option if this tiny patch is refused after
a review.


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Received on Sun Nov 24 17:05:56 2013
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