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Test failure on usage strings

From: Tommy Bozeman <tboz203@gmail.com>
Date: Thu 03 Mar 2016 - 00:29:13 CET
Message-ID: <CAHj=M=3o1SFL4bicu3tmVST4CcOMo6V5Dh6MobOAD8xdUK-ZXQ@mail.gmail.com>
Just a moment ago I compiled and tested popt on an AIX 7.1 machine. The
only two tests to fail seemed to be checking the usage strings. The
expected usage output had the executable named as "lt-test1", whereas the
actual output referenced the executable as "test1". I changed both of the
instances of "lt-test1" to "test1", and all the tests succeeded.


Thomas Bozeman
Received on Thu Mar 3 00:45:48 2016
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