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RPM Package Manager (RPM) version 5.1.0 released

From: RPM <rpm@rpm5.org>
Date: Mon 14 Apr 2008 - 16:33:10 CEST
Message-ID: <20080414143310.GA33792@rpm5.org>
RPM Package Manager (RPM) version 5.1.0 was released today.
Find its source distribution under /files/rpm/rpm-5.1/

RPM 5.1 is the second major release of RPM 5 and incorporates over 300
distinguished fixes and improvements which were made since the release
of RPM 5.0 in January 2008.

Most notably, RPM 5.1.0 provides many additional macro and Lua scripting
functionality (UUID generation, path resolution, text-processing,
etc), supports initial path-to-repository expansions on the command
line ("+N-V-R.A"), provides additional output format specifiers on
querying (":sqlescape", ":utf8", ":cdata", etc), provides an RPM
4 compatibility C API, and additionally ships with new utilities
("rpmdigest", "rpmgrep", etc) and many more.

During its development, RPM 5.1 was compiled on as many compiler and
operating system combinations as possible. RPM 5.1 is considered the
most portable RPM since ever. Additionally, during its beta period, RPM
5.1 was already in-depth tested by building, installing and running
a real full-size portable software distribution with it under both
multiple BSD and Linux platforms. Hence, RPM 5.1 is considered to be
fully stable and ready for production by distribution vendors.

For more details about RPM 5, visit us at /

                                  The RPM 5 Developer Team
Received on Mon Apr 14 16:33:10 2008
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