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rpm5 run-time probe: a closer look

From: devzero2000 <devzero2000@rpm5.org>
Date: Sun 03 Aug 2008 - 23:21:47 CEST
Message-ID: <b086760e0808031421y68f4e29bre24ebce985bb0d0d@mail.gmail.com>
I have a naive question about run-time probe dependency in rpm5. This deps
type has been introduced in rpm 4.4.7 iirc.
Now, i have undestood the necessity to introduce cpuinfo()/getconf/uname
runtime deps as a  substitute for the old and now wrong
arch table that rpm had in the past (RPM5 anyway), but for someone run-time
deps  i don't have well undestood the necessity.

For example

the runtime deps checker


it is really necessary ?

What is the difference from

id root &>/dev/null || exit 1

Perhaps only portability between platform ? Don't have all the POSIX
compliant platform the id command ?. Sure i have missed something.

Thanks  in advance
Received on Sun Aug 3 23:21:50 2008
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