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Problems with erase-before-install on RPM 5.2

From: Robert Scheck <robert@rpm5.org>
Date: Wed 13 Aug 2008 - 00:13:41 CEST
Message-ID: <20080812221341.GA9600@hurricane.linuxnetz.de>
Hello folks,

this is mostly just a reminder for a problem which annoys me since my
upgrade from RPM 4.5 to 5.2 now... ;-)

The problem is reproducible for me with the packages httpd, openssh and
bind from Fedora 9 and/or Rawhide. For example, I've a sshd_config file
marked as %config which I modified on the filesystem. Now I'm updating the
openssh-server package using "rpm -Uvh" which contains a newer config file
- then, my sshd_config on the filesystem gets sshd_config.rpmsave, but no
new sshd_config is placed there. Possible, that my situation doesn't cover
the whole thing, but this is, where I really see and get it mostly.

[20:31:15] < jbj> rsc: hmmm ... rpmsave is created for modified %config on
erasure. is openssh-* installed? rpm -qa openssh-* should show "normal" is
the file state too.
[20:31:32] < jbj> grr rpm -qs ...
[20:34:04] < rsc> jbj: shows now normal for all files
[20:34:19] < rsc> jbj: ah! On Erasure?!
[20:34:34] < jbj> rsc: rpm -V openssh-* should catch missing.
[20:34:40] < jbj> yes, rpmsave on erasure
[20:34:45] < rsc> jbj: that would explain the strange yum where it says
"erased, updated" some time ago, you remember?
[20:35:33] < jbj> rsc: that likely explains the behavior. deploops are
likely involved
[20:36:43] < rsc> I saw missing %config files for httpd, for bind and for
openssh now.
[20:37:05] < rsc> the new file was missing, the old one was always .rpmsave
[20:41:01] < rsc> shall I also drop you a mail for the *.rpmsave thing?
[20:41:15] < jbj> and its time for explicit assert failure if/when
erase-before-install occurs. all the file resolution (w %config especially)
rots when erase-before-install.
[20:41:31] < jbj> please do

Just to mention: The yum thing I'm seeing with my antiquaric 2.6x is maybe
not related, but I'm seeing there "updated, erased" in the yum.log during
the update of a package - where it only should be "updated" normally. But
as said, maybe not related.

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