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Re: %post-script prerequisites

From: Alexey Tourbin <at@altlinux.ru>
Date: Wed 24 Sep 2008 - 19:44:15 CEST
Message-ID: <20080924174415.GN839@altlinux.org>
> >Think about this again: package foo has program /usr/bin/update-foo,
> >which is invoked in %post-script of the package.  The program is  
> >linked
> >with e.g. libglib-2.0.so.0(GLIB_2.18), and we have the dependency
> >"Requires: libglib-2.0.so.0(GLIB_2.18)".  However, this is merely
> >"Requires".  To run /usr/bin/update-foo in the %post script reliably,
> >that must be "Requires(post)".  Or otherwise there's a possibility  
> >that,
> >despite topological reordering, glib2 gets installed or upgraded after
> >foo, and so the %post scriptlet fails miserably.
> >
> >So, there's a general problem: if you both package a program and run
> >it in the %post-script (in the very same package), then bare Requires
> >are not enough: some of them (namely, which are used by the program)
> >should also become Requires(post).
> Mebbe.
> IMHO, there are several flaws in the above.
> The fundamental flaw (imho) is trying to add secondary
> dependencies to a package node in the dependency graph.
> If the chain A -> B -> C is necessary for running /usr/bin/update-foo
> in a script, then A should have
> 	Requires: B
> and B should have
> 	Requires: C
> and the dependency graph should be assembled dynamically,
> not added statically to A.

+# The solution is: 1) to detect all packaged programs (and files), recursively,
+# which are used in %post-script; and 2) to find prerequisites for such files
+# and programs (which are not provided by the package itself), and add them to
+# Requires(post) dependencies.  Also, we want to ensure that 3) the list of
+# Requires(post) additional dependencies is only a subset of original Requires.

Note that there are three steps, and the last step is explicitly
about not adding secondary dependencies.  So, for the package foo,
it goes like this:
1) We see that the packaged program /usr/bin/update-foo is invoked
in %post script (in the very same package!).
2) We run find-requires for /usr/bin/update-foo, and get some
dependences, which are candidates for Requires(post); they are
libglib-2.0.so(GLIB_2.18) and others (but no secondary dependencies
3) Requires(post) candidates are intersected with the "Requires"
of the package.  Sine /usr/bin/update-foo is packaged, there must
be "Requires: libglib-2.0.so(GLIB_2.18)", too.  This step is basically
required only because of some glitches in dependency generators (i.e.
some generators work best when they process the whole list of specific
files, to make some folding).

> Also your claim
> >To run /usr/bin/update-foo in the %post script reliably,
> >that must be "Requires(post)".
> is false. The "(post) marker limits the context where a
> dependency applies, and does not improve reliability at all.

To run /usr/bin/foo in the %post-script reliably, there must be
"Requires(post): libglib-2.0.so(GLIB_2.18)" dependency.  "Reliably"
means that, unless we have this "Requires(post)" dependency on recent
glib2 version, there's a possibility that glib2 gets installed/upgraded
*after* foo, which is too late for its %post-sciprt).  What's false in
this claim?

Anyway, perhaps I should do some rewording in my initial description
of the problem.  In ALT Linux mailing list (in Russian), there seems
to be some misunderstanding (or maybe a lack of thereof), too.

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