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Re: %post-script prerequisites

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Wed 24 Sep 2008 - 21:36:03 CEST
Message-id: <8768F771-1570-496E-A170-5D25819720EF@mac.com>

On Sep 24, 2008, at 3:08 PM, Alexey Tourbin wrote:

> Okay, rpm reordered the packages, so that bar is installed before foo.
> But let's see what happens if the order breaks:
> $ sudo rpm -ev foo bar
> $ sudo rpm -iv --noorder /home/at/RPM/RPMS/noarch/ 
> foo-1.0-1.noarch.rpm /home/at/RPM/RPMS/noarch/bar-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
> Preparing packages for installation...
> foo-1.0-1
> /usr/bin/foo: line 1: /usr/bin/bar: No such file or directory
> error: execution of %post scriptlet from foo-1.0-1 failed, exit  
> status 127
> bar-1.0-1
> $

Well if you specifically disable ordering with --noorder, the nothing  
(in rpm)
can prevent the failure mode. Well, duh!

73 de Jeff
Received on Wed Sep 24 21:36:43 2008
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