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Cleaning out some local patches of mine..

From: Per Řyvind Karlsen <pkarlsen@rpm5.org>
Date: Fri 05 Dec 2008 - 06:40:16 CET
Message-ID: <534660c60812042140v7a279760xa70ff6b4263e6480@mail.gmail.com>
While I've commited most of the mandriva patches upstream, I still got a few
ones left that I've been uncertain about and hasn't bothered with looking at



Reading bugzilla entries, both suggests that these issues has been fixed
upstream already, is this the case? Is there no longer any sense to these

I'd like to get rid of these, then I'd be down to only three local patches
left. :o)

(Feel free to comment on the other ones while you're at it;)
Per Řyvind
Received on Fri Dec 5 06:40:18 2008
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