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Re: [CVS] RPM: rpm/ CHANGES rpm/rpmio/ Makefile.am

From: Per Řyvind Karlsen <pkarlsen@rpm5.org>
Date: Fri 05 Dec 2008 - 07:31:52 CET
Message-ID: <534660c60812042231h1904f650i9ad790b4da09507d@mail.gmail.com>
2008/12/5 Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>

> The flaw will be in -lrpmmisc, not in -lrpmio, is my guess.
> And its likely my portability brain fart somehow if reproducible.
> Doing
> cd misc
> cvs diff -D "2 months ago"
> will show all my changes.
> There's not a whole lot different in misc/* afaict.
> I have seen some issues trying to sort out the SELinux textrel
> issue by attempting "ld -pie ..." linkage. But I abandoned those
> efforts, none of those changes are on HEAD.
> Note that its *very* easy to get tricked by -lrpmisc because
> some of the make dependencies are not included. Adding
> those dependencies through AutoFu would be fairly difficult,
> what is there is OK for most usage cases even if a developer
> can get occaisionally tricked.
You're of course right, as usual! ;)

I tend to always forget about misc/librpmmisc.vers when I haven't
touched it for a while, then stabbing wildy around in the dark taking
the usual (but wrong) route to investigate it.

Fixed now! :)
Received on Fri Dec 5 07:31:54 2008
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