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Re: new DISTEPOCH tag and cleaning of RELEASE tag polution

From: Anders F Bj÷rklund <afb@rpm5.org>
Date: Mon 22 Dec 2008 - 17:04:05 CET
Message-Id: <D0EF81FB-FD02-46AA-8084-BDC7536E776B@rpm5.org>
Per ěyvind Karlsen wrote:

> I've modified DISTTAG tag to be specified in macros file just like  
> and commited it to CVS already.
> Here's my next step, a DISTEPOCH tag where distribution version can  
> be added.
> This will change EVR to EVRD which will be represented as
> %{EPOCH}:%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}:%{DISTEPOCH}, ie. 1:2.3.4-5:2009.1.
> The distepoch tag will behave kinda like the epoch tag in the way  
> that it's optional, but
> it's significance in version comparision will be the least.

So this "DISTEPOCH" would also work for "OSVERSION" on other systems ?

Like "darwin8" or "10.5osx" or "freebsd-7.0" or whatever it might be ?

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