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Re: new DISTEPOCH tag and cleaning of RELEASE tag polution

From: Anders F Björklund <afb@rpm5.org>
Date: Mon 22 Dec 2008 - 23:02:49 CET
Message-Id: <F2010529-1017-4F45-AE2F-3F14027DCEA6@rpm5.org>
Per Øyvind Karlsen wrote:

>>> Well, for Mandriva 'Distribution:' would still be 'Mandriva  
>>> Linux' while 'DistTag':
>>> would be 'mdv'.
>> And elsewhere, they have Distribution = Unknown and Vendor =  
>> Fedora Project
> Oh, really? I thought they had more similar to us, ie. we have  
> 'Vendor: Mandriva' & 'Distribution: Mandriva Linux'.

Nope, but it seems there's "Vendor: openSUSE" and "Distribution:  
openSUSE 11.1"

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