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Re: Additional features or bug fixes for rpm-5.1.7?

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Mon 12 Jan 2009 - 17:45:39 CET
Message-id: <E1C06B91-52F0-4B4E-9A1E-99211855DCF1@mac.com>

On Jan 12, 2009, at 10:57 AM, devzero2000 wrote:
> In rpmpopt.in, not macros.in. There already afaik.
> Yup, sorry. I have not checked today.

No reason you should know up to the minute.

But flaws like these are exactly the sort of details that I'm likely
to miss when backporting large changes from HEAD
to the -r rpm-5_1 branch en masse.

> Hmmm, --whatconflicts and --whatobsoletes need a bit more work  
> however, todo++.

E.g. there are changes in macros.in and lib/query.c that need to be done
in addition to wiring up the --whatconflicts and --whatobsoletes options
for full functionality. What I can't tell (yet) is whether full  
onto the -r rpm-5_1 branch is desireable (or not). The feature is  
quite obscure,
and the behavior of erroring out is acceptable.

What will almost certainly be reported as a flaw against rpm-5.1.7 is  
all dependency loops are now displayed to stderr.

73 de Jeff

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