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Re: RPM 5.4.0

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Fri 07 Jan 2011 - 04:30:04 CET
Message-Id: <BD116BBE-437C-4256-A0F7-863D2711F7F5@mac.com>

On Jan 6, 2011, at 6:42 PM, Mark Hatle wrote:

> I've just started working with RPM 5.4.0.  Some of this strange things I've been
> doing with RPM has me creating databases while never installing any files to the
> disk.
> Before I could use:
> -D "_dbi_tags_3 Packages:Name:Basenames:Providename:Nvra" \
> but now if I enable that RPM doesn't return any error messages but fails with a
> non-zero return code.  Any suggestions?

No intended change in rpm-5.4.0. The indexes to create are same list.

You likely need Filepaths as well as Basenames.

(but I am getting ready to haul out a butt load of trash).

rpm-5.3.7 is likelier to be a bit more stable than 5.4.0 -> 5.4.1 
as I try to get -fopenmp multi-threading in place (mostly there but
there's definitely a couple of modestly serious races).

Meanwhile -vv, and try --rpmdbdebug. Have you converted to "RPM ACID"?
The simplest way to convert (that I know of) is build from cvs
	cd tests
	make test
That will give you tests/newdb "RPM ACID" database for use with --dbpath.

There's some tests/Makefile.am targets like
	make -C tests IDMS/solve
that limit the number of tags iirc (I'm traveling atm and so can't check
properly ... lemme look tomorrow).

73 de Jeff

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