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Re: ordering issues

From: R P Herrold <herrold@owlriver.com>
Date: Sat 15 Jan 2011 - 18:10:04 CET
Message-ID: <alpine.LRH.1.00.1101151146060.4709@oebafba.bjyevire.pbz>
On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Matthew Dawkins wrote:

> The question I have for both Jeff and Per, is flattening initial rpms
> packages to get these needed pieces in place before and actual chroot
> install begins and super unacceptable hack?

I have no idea what a 'super unacceptable hack' is as a goal 
goodness metric

The goal is to build 'complete' chroots here, for later 
use either as an install image, or a build environment, right?

1.  Make up a MANIFEST of all the packages (ir if binaries, 
the holding package in tour distribution of choice) that HAVE 
to be in the final chroot

2. Do some minimal prep of the chroot -- on items we know RPM 
is doing to look at ./etc/mtab ./etc/fstab ./var/lib/rpm/, a 
minimally populated ./etc/passwd setup, --bind mounts, etc

3. Copy the rpms (and such dependencies as are revealed in a 
moment) into a staging area inside the chroot 
./var/spool/staging/ or such

4. foreach ELEMENT in MANIFEST, walk a
 	rpm -ivh --root=(chroot)  --noscripts (ELEMENT)
and identify anything missing, re-order seqecnce to cut noise 
if it offends, and tweak steps 2 and 3 above

5.  When happy, re-run it
 	rpm -Uvh --force --root=(chroot) (ELEMENT)

Build environments less picky than install images as to 
bootloader fixup; extra points for adding SElinux pass at the 
end of all that

As I recall, yum intentionally does not expose some of those 
options; differing DB environments inside and out side the 
chroot require a fixup of one want to execure rpm transactions 
inside the chroot

Automate steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 to taste.  Eventualy, you'll be 
satisfied.  There is not s single general solution, no 'one 
ring to rule them all' because one may or may not stub one's 
toes on a given sub-issue.

If that is a 'super unacceptible hack' so be it

-- Russ herrold
Received on Sat Jan 15 18:51:59 2011
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