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Re: Building rpm-5.0/rpm-4.5 packages this weekend.

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Mon 18 Jun 2007 - 02:53:43 CEST
Message-Id: <EA136E91-1EA6-43E1-97A1-E65CFA841F62@mac.com>

On Jun 15, 2007, at 9:51 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:

> I hope to build SRPMS  on Sunday night for
>     1) rpm-5.0-0.2.src.rpm		<= HEAD
>     2) rpm-4.5-0.5.src.rpm		<= rpm-4_5 for plain brown rpm upgrade
>     3) rpm5-4.5-0.5.src.rpm		<= rpm-4_5 for parallel drop-in install

Instead of attempting a separate rpm5 package, I focussed
on removing path collisions from rpm-4.5-0.4 instead.

So I built
     1) rpm-5.0-0.2.src.rpm		<= HEAD
     2) rpm-4.5-0.4.src.rpm		<= rpm-4_5 for plain brown rpm upgrade

Except for man pages and locales and /usr/bin/rpmbuild, these
packages are largely collision free:
     rpm-libs		different version in library names
     rpm			installed in /usr/bin/rpm
     rpm-build		helpers in /usr/lib/rpm/4.5 instead
     rpm-perl		doesn't exist in rpm-4.4.2

Splitting /usr/lib/rpm/CPU-OS per-platform configuration out of rpm- 
build into separate
packages will remove those collisions. Really doesn't matter what  
installs these
directories, the content hasn't changed in years.

Both rpm-devel and rpm-python can be handled as mutually exclusive
with identically named packages in 4.4.2. It really doesn't make sense
(to me) to create separate devel/python environments.

In all cases, rpm-4.5 should be very close to being a replacement for
rpm-4.4.2. Any significant differences in behavior can/will be remedied.

Oh yeah, MacPorts got upgraded to popt-1.11 and rpm-4.4.9, so in the
next 2 weeks I will start focussing on adding XAR to rpm-5.0, and adding
Mac OS X development to the builds.


73 de Jeff
Received on Mon Jun 18 03:00:06 2007
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