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rpm-5.0.0: usage of --root or --prefix while installing an rpm package -- not working ?

From: Stefan Westmeier <stefan_westmeier@hotmail.de>
Date: Tue 15 Jan 2008 - 17:00:55 CET
Message-ID: <BAY115-W13F5425DD84AE35175ECCF98470@phx.gbl>

I am currently trying to install an rpm package to a different location than it would normally be installed:
/if/*.h           ->    /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/if/*.h
Also the database containing the information about installed packages should end up there.
So I tried:
rpm --root /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot --initdb
rpm --root /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot -i most_if-1.0-1.i686.rpm
I got an error message about database file Basename which could not be found. This is attached at the end.
Seems that mapping pathes is not working correctly through the whole process.
Am I doing wrong or is this not working in rpm-5.0.0 ? Any attempts with --dbpath and --prefix / --relocate did
not succeed as well.
rpm-5.0.0 was compiled and used in an Ubuntu Linux installation.
D: Expected size:         1957 = lead(96)+sigs(180)+pad(4)+data(1677)D:   Actual size:         1957D: most_if-1.0-1.i686.rpm: SHA1-Pr├╝fsumme des Headers: OK (07cd1cff63b93eeee897601a6a9b7c6461acb0c3)D: opening  db environment /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Packages cdb:mpoolFreeing locks for locker 0x20: 26518/3078363344Freeing locks for locker 0x21: 26518/3078363344Freeing locks for locker 0x22: 26518/3078363344D: opening  db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Packages rdonly mode=0x0D: locked   db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/PackagesD: ========== +++ most_if-1.0-1.i686 i686/linux 0x0D: opening  db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Basenames rdonly mode=0x0D: opening  db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Providename rdonly mode=0x0D:  Dirnames: /if/sys/most                                  NEIND: package most_if-1.0-1.i686 has unsatisfied Dirnames: /if/sys/mostD: opening  db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Conflictname rdonly mode=0x0D: closed   db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/ConflictnameD: closed   db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/ProvidenameD: closed   db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/BasenamesD: closed   db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/PackagesD: closed   db environment /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/PackagesD: ========== recording tsort relationsD: ========== tsorting packages (order, #predecessors, #succesors, tree, Ldepth, Rbreadth)D:     0    0    0    1    0    0 +most_if-1.0-1.i686D: opening  db environment /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Packages cdb:mpoolD: opening  db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Packages create mode=0x42D: mounted filesystems:D:     i        dev    bsize       bavail       iavail mount pointD:     0 0x00000801     4096       999823       852240 rw /D:     1 0x00000003     4096            0           -1 rw /procD:     2 0x00000000     4096            0           -1 rw /sysD:     3 0x00000011     4096        64453        64423 rw /var/runD:     4 0x00000012     4096        64480        64478 rw /var/lockD:     5 0x0000000e     4096        64469        61786 rw /devD:     6 0x00000014     4096        64480        64479 rw /dev/shmD:     7 0x0000000b     4096            0           -1 rw /dev/ptsD:     8 0x00000013     4096        55806        64462 rw /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatileD:     9 0x0000000f     4096            0           -1 rw /sys/kernel/securityD: sanity checking 1 elementsD: opening  db index       /home/user/SWDev/rpmroot/opt/var/lib/rpm/Name create mode=0x42D: running pre-transaction scriptsD: computing 1 file fingerprintsD: computing file dispositionsD: opening  db index       /opt/var/lib/rpm/Basenames create mode=0x42D: closed   db index       /opt/var/lib/rpm/Basenameserror: cannot open Basenames(1117) index using db3 - No such file or directory (2)rpm: rpmdb.c:3596: rpmdbFindFpList: Assertion mi != ((void *)0)' failed.<BR></body>
Received on Tue Jan 15 17:08:08 2008
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