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RE: rpm-5.0.0 and ftp / http support

From: Stefan Westmeier <stefan_westmeier@hotmail.de>
Date: Thu 24 Jan 2008 - 17:57:55 CET
Message-ID: <BAY115-W1369F079967F54BC0D6F6298380@phx.gbl>

Hi again,
here with some more information about the topic.
Using rpm 4.1 fetching packages directly via ftp works nicely. The command below works fine.
Exactly the same commands fails for rpm 5.0.0:
$ rpm --ignoreos --dbpath /cygdrive/d/home/rpmroot/rpmdb --relocate /if=/cygdrive/d/home/rpmroot/if --relocate /sys=/cygdrive/d/home/rpmroot/sys -i ftp://user:xxx@ ftp://user:qqq123@ open of ftp://user:xxx@ failed: No such file or directoryIs this a bug or feature?

From: stefan_westmeier@hotmail.deTo: rpm-users@rpm5.orgSubject: rpm-5.0.0 and ftp / http supportDate: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 12:31:20 +0100

Hi, I was wondering if ftp / http support is still available in rpm-5.0.0.  Which configure option has impact on availability of those features? Thx,Stefan 
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