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support for rpm 5.x on win32 systems

From: Peter Kalbus <peter.kalbus@gmx.de>
Date: Fri 01 Feb 2008 - 14:22:11 CET
Message-Id: <80A483C8-48D1-4FEB-B7B4-D34C7C965052@gmx.de>
We want to use rpm5.x in an embedded environment. The development is a  
cross-platform environment hosted on win32 systems. To get rpm 5.x  
usable, we need rpm5.x running in that environment.

On the win32 host, it must be possible to create packages, which can  
be installed on the embedded systems and which can be installed on  
other development systems. This means,that the rmpbuild and rpm  
toolchain, including the database parts must be available on the win32  
host system.

In which way rpm5.x is capable be be used on win32 systems? Ideally,  
we're interested in a native port, which does not force the  
installation of any un*x runtime environment.


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