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Re: support for rpm 5.x on win32 systems

From: Anders F Björklund <afb@rpm5.org>
Date: Fri 01 Feb 2008 - 15:13:51 CET
Message-Id: <9ee79d151a76e5b58b3795fb096ca2f1@rpm5.org>
Peter Kalbus wrote:

> In which way rpm5.x is capable be be used on win32 systems? Ideally, 
> we're interested in a native port, which does not force the 
> installation of any un*x runtime environment.

I've tested "devtool standalone" (i.e. openpkg bootstrap) successfully 
with Cygwin 1.5 on Windows XP. I don't think there has been any work 
done on making a Win32/MinGW version, as the RPM5 work was/is focusing 
on Unix platforms... (stretched to include the Mac OS X "Darwin" and 
Windows "Cygwin" too, but not really Mac and Win without any un*x 
runtime environment)

When developing packages for Mac OS X and Windows, I have used the 
rpm2pkg and rpm2nsi scripts to convert the ready RPM files, into DMG 
for Mac and EXE for Win. Which is pretty much the same thing as running 
rpm2tgz on the Payload and dressing up the Header for presentation... 
(i.e. it doesn't maintain a rpm database or check signatures or 
anything else like that)


PS. "rpm2tgz" is a Slackware thing. It does pretty much the same thing 
as Debian's "alien" package.
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