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rpm-5.0.2: changing package file name convention

From: Stefan Westmeier <stefan_westmeier@hotmail.de>
Date: Wed 06 Feb 2008 - 16:40:44 CET
Message-ID: <BAY115-W316B76AB5ECFB10A6B6C97982D0@phx.gbl>

as I want my packages being named different than standard, I changed the naming convention by

%_build_name_fmt %%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{Project}-%%{Branch}-%%{RELEASE}.x86.rpm%_repackage_name_fmt %%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{Project}-%%{Branch}-%%{RELEASE}.x86.rpm
I defined "Project" and "Branch" as additional tags via %_arbitrary_tags. Here some examples for packages:

Using rpm -qa --qf '<some string>' showing the additional tags works fine.
Whenever I install packages with 

rpm -i most-bin-1.0-refprj-tr-0802061556.x86.rpm
the package being installed is reported in the output as

Is there any way to get the additional parts of the package being displayed ?
Received on Wed Feb 6 16:40:48 2008
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