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Re: --target behaviour

From: Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@windriver.com>
Date: Wed 13 Feb 2008 - 16:50:56 CET
Message-ID: <47B311E0.8010009@windriver.com>
Just for the sake of people who haven't seen this before.

When I was at MontaVista, and now that I'm at Wind River we use RPM for 
cross compilation.  In both environments, we only ever use a single 
--target=<arch>.  We simply haven't experienced a reason to specify 
multiple architectures on the command line.  (We just run the RPM 
command twice..)

If this fits the expected RPM model, then I'd advocate removing any 
complications for aggregating multiple --target, and just make the 
person run the rpm multiple times.


Jeff Johnson wrote:
> On Feb 11, 2008, at 5:57 PM, Elan Ruusamäe wrote:
>> i noticed when using --short-circuit that at some point it started ti 
>> write same files twice...
>> however looks like the behavior is not from --short-circuit, but from 
>> multiple times passing --target.
>> i notice here tree issues:
>> - multiple times --target passed and rpmbuild called is a feature or bug?
> Depends on POV: I call that a bugture or a featlet.
> Long time ago I tried to have multiple --target options
> be equivalent to a single --target option with multiple
> comma separated arches ...
>> - Building target platforms: display is wrong (leading comma?)
> ... which explains the comma (the implementation tries to append
> multiple --target options with leading comma into a single string)
> The eventual solution will be to let popt accumulate multiple --target 
> options
> (with possibly multiple comma separated platform strings) into a single
> argv array of platforms to build for.
> Now for the $64K euro question:
>     Who needs multiple target options of two varieties?
> With the expectation of --short-circuit Doing the Right Thing on multiple
> targets as well ...
>> - %{arch} is lost when first time rpm's are written
> %arch the tag in a --queryformat or %arch the macro is lost?
> 73 de 
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