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Re: vcheck question

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Sat 05 Apr 2008 - 20:01:18 CEST
Message-Id: <FB644CB9-C8A6-46BA-87A9-02D946C9D20B@mac.com>

On Apr 5, 2008, at 1:05 PM, devzero2000 wrote:

> Please,
> It is possible to have a description how to use vcheck and %track   
> section in rpm5 ?I have read  some
> mail on the subject,  but I have't understood very well (my fault,  
> naturally). Which macro it is necessary to use for
> example and why?  It is necessary to use the OpenPKG  rpm version  
> to use this features  well ? (e.g. the -bf option)

%track is a section rather than a macro.

There's an example usage in popt-1.13 (for explanatory/demonstration  

Here's the relevant section:

prog popt = {
     version   = %{version}
     url       = http://rpm5.org/%{name}
     regex     = %{name}-(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)\.tar\.gz

Likely the easiest way to understand vcheck is to use the helper  
All that %track does is supply a specific configuration to the helper  
package metadata.

The helper is /usr/lib/rpm/vcheck, a perl script with its own  
embedded pod man page.

There's also a run-time probe dependency that will (eventually, still  
more to do),
retrieve the %track section from a named package, run the vcheck  
helper, and
return TRUE/FALSE depending on whether sources are up to date.

The intended usage case for the vcheck() probe is with  
BuildRequires:, to verify that
one is building with the latest upstream sources. E.g. rpm might carry a
     BuildRequires: vcheck(popt)
to check that the latest upstream popt is installed.

Whether vcheck()  is useful (or not) depends on POV. I don't have an  
answer myself yet.

AFAIK vcheck is functional in rpm, but there may be some slight  
differences in rpmbuild options and
usage that may still depend on OpenPKG.

73 de Jeff
Received on Sat Apr 5 20:01:38 2008
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