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Re: Help: Installing RPM on Solaris 8

From: Tim Mooney <Tim.Mooney@ndsu.edu>
Date: Wed 09 Apr 2008 - 18:22:03 CEST
Message-ID: <alpine.SOC.1.10.0804091120360.22782@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>
In regard to: Help: Installing RPM on Solaris 8, Eliyahu Skoczylas said (at...:

> I've been trying to install either RPM 4.3.3 or RPM 5.0.3 on Solaris 8
> and running into all kinds of trouble.

If you're going to try 4.x, try 4.4.9.  It should be much easier to build
on Solaris 8 than all previous versions of 4.x, and some things that
didn't work in 4.4.7 should work in 4.4.9.  You should probably go
with 5.0.x, though.

Either way, you're going to have a number of dependencies to build first.
I used the free Sun Workshop compiler rather than gcc, and generally
didn't have serious problems getting the dependencies to build.  Getting
rpm to link with libneon was the biggest problem I had, mainly because
neon defaulted to building only a static library, and it's very difficult
for RPM's configure to determine what libneon's dependencies are.

> Is anyone out there actually using a version of RPM later than 3 on
> Solaris 8?

I have 4.4.9 built and working on Solaris 8.

Post what problems you're running into, I'll try help as time permits.


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