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Re: Help: Installing RPM on Solaris 8

From: Eliyahu Skoczylas <EliSko@Eli-Sko.com>
Date: Wed 09 Apr 2008 - 21:37:40 CEST
Message-ID: <47FD1B04.7010801@Eli-Sko.com>
Mark Hatle wrote:
> It's been a few years, but this is what I had to do to get to RPM 4.4.2. 
>  We needed to provide a "modern" gcc, binutils, autoconf, automake, 
> libtool, etc.. as well as libraries and such.

Yeah.  I've been rebuilding gcc, biutils, libtool, libiconv, and gmake 
so far.  (I also had to score gtar from someone to open some of the 
tarballs! ;)  So far I've managed to avoid upgrading autoconf and 
automake by patch'ing configure's output.

> RPM 5.x should be a little easier to configure for solaris.. but many of 
> the tools are very old and that will cause issues.
> --Mark

-    Eliyahu

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