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Re: Help: Installing RPM on Solaris 8

From: Eliyahu Skoczylas <EliSko@Eli-Sko.com>
Date: Wed 09 Apr 2008 - 22:59:48 CEST
Message-ID: <47FD2E44.1080801@Eli-Sko.com>
Eliyahu Skoczylas wrote:
> Jeff Johnson wrote:
>> If you start reporting what the compilation issues actually are, then the
>> issues can likely be sorted out.
> Mostly, they aren't directly RPM related.  Having problems with Solaris' 
> autoconf while building Gnu's libiconv today, for example, isn't 
> something I would ask for help with on an RPM list.  I got stuck with 
> that today because yesterday I couldn't get gettext to build with 
> Solaris' libc, and so I had to install libiconv.  Gettext was brought in 
> to make Gmake happy, which I installed because Gcc 4 wouldn't build 
> against Sun's make.  That kind of thing....
> As I said, building RPM 5 on Solaris 8 has turned into building the 
> entire GNU toolset.  And that means incrementally building a tool, 
> moving onto the next tool and the next, then going back and rebuilding 
> the first tool better (with newer libraries.)

One last thought.  If it seems important to the RPM 5 community, and you 
people will help, I *could* go back and sort out the build issues of RPM 
5 against Sun's tool set.  But I'd have to go out on a bit of a limb to 
sell that to my boss, so I'd want to know that it was "important" in the 
grand scheme of things.


-    Eliyahu

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