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Re: Building internal LUA fails (Was: RPM 5.1.5 released)

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Mon 13 Oct 2008 - 23:37:50 CEST
Message-id: <6D5CF786-6B30-4D24-AA18-158963C53784@mac.com>

On Oct 13, 2008, at 4:56 PM, Eric MSP Veith wrote:

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> Hello,
> I'm trying to build RPM-5.1.5 using the following configure line:
> ./configure --enable-build-pic --enable-build-pie --disable-rpath \
> 	--with-bzip2=external --with-popt=external \
> 	--with-sqlite=internal--with-lua=internal \
> 	--with-xar=internal --with-file=internal --with-db=internal
> This worked pretty well with 5.1.4, but with 5.1.5, make fails:
> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `shadow/commonio.c', needed by
> `liblua_la-commonio.lo'.  Stop.
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/rpm/BUILD/rpm-5.1.5/lua'
> make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
> What am I doing wrong?

You aren't doing anything wrong. rpm-5.1.5 was released without some
new infrastructure to be able to restart daemons and add/del user/group
from within lua. We'll have a fix in the next day or two.

(untested) Try undefining USE_LUA_SHADOW and USE_LUA_CHKCONFIG.

> And, just another question (with hope for a short answer): I know  
> RPM5 isn't
> a drop-in replacement for any RPM4 installation, however, can RPM 5  
> read
> the previous major version's RPM package database? (And how could I  
> convert
> the old one to the new)?

The short answer is that the Berkeley DB version used by rpm5 <-> rpm4
determines most of the interoperability issues.

Build rpm5 using the same version of Berkeley DB as rpm4 uses will take
care of most of the interoperability issues.

Note that db-4.5.21 (or a patched version of db-4.4.18) is recommended
in order to remove stale locks contained in /var/lib/rpm/__db* files
automatically, useful functionality in rpm5.

Note also that there is a speed bump (i.e a minor incompatibility)  
between db-4.5 and db-4.6, the DB_HASH format has changed slightly.

But (as always) db-4.6 can read db-4.5 DB_HASH files, but not always  
the reverse.

rpm5 has dealt with the incompatibility by switching from DB_HASH to  
and by permitting rpmdb files to be opened indepndent of whether  
DB_BTREE is used. The net effect is that rpm5 can read rpm4  
databases, but
the reverse is not always true.

Tar up a copy of /var/lib/rpm before starting, and holler if you run  
into interoperability

At worst db_dump and db_load can be used to convert /var/lib/rpm/ 
Packages, and
--rebuilddb with whatever version of rpm you wish to use to  
regenerate the indices,
can be used to convert.


73 de Jeff

73 de Jeff
> Thanks,
> 		-- Eric
> On Sunday 12 October 2008, "Ralf S. Engelschall" <rse+rpm- 
> users@rpm5.org>
> wrote:
>> We've today released RPM 5.1.5, another maintenance release
>> from the RPM 5.1 branch. A detailed changelog you can find
>> under http://rpm5.org/cvs/fileview?f=rpm/CHANGES&v=1.2288.2.
>> The source you can find under http://rpm5.org/files/rpm/rpm-5.1/.
>> Yours,
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