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Re: Building internal LUA fails (Was: RPM 5.1.5 released)

From: Eric MSP Veith <eveith@wwweb-library.net>
Date: Tue 14 Oct 2008 - 12:54:33 CEST
Message-Id: <200810141054.33543.eveith@wwweb-library.net>
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On Monday 13 October 2008, Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com> wrote:
> (untested) Try undefining USE_LUA_SHADOW and USE_LUA_CHKCONFIG.

thanks alot, that worked. RPM now compiles smoothly.

> > And, just another question (with hope for a short answer): I know
> > RPM5 isn't
> > a drop-in replacement for any RPM4 installation, however, can RPM 5
> > read
> > the previous major version's RPM package database? (And how could I
> > convert
> > the old one to the new)?
> The short answer is that the Berkeley DB version used by rpm5 <-> rpm4
> determines most of the interoperability issues.
> Build rpm5 using the same version of Berkeley DB as rpm4 uses will take
> care of most of the interoperability issues.
> Note that db-4.5.21 (or a patched version of db-4.4.18) is recommended
> in order to remove stale locks contained in /var/lib/rpm/__db* files
> automatically, useful functionality in rpm5.
> Note also that there is a speed bump (i.e a minor incompatibility)
> introduced
> between db-4.5 and db-4.6, the DB_HASH format has changed slightly.
> But (as always) db-4.6 can read db-4.5 DB_HASH files, but not always
> the reverse.
> rpm5 has dealt with the incompatibility by switching from DB_HASH to
> and by permitting rpmdb files to be opened indepndent of whether
> DB_HASH or
> DB_BTREE is used. The net effect is that rpm5 can read rpm4
> databases, but
> the reverse is not always true.
> Tar up a copy of /var/lib/rpm before starting, and holler if you run
> into interoperability
> problems.
> At worst db_dump and db_load can be used to convert /var/lib/rpm/
> Packages, and
> --rebuilddb with whatever version of rpm you wish to use to
> regenerate the indices,
> can be used to convert.

So, the bottom line is: Switching from RPM4 to RPM5 _should_ work with a 
little handwork, but isn't guranteed; however, BDB's standard recovery 
functions can be used. That's good to hear, actually. :-)

Thanks again,
		-- Eric
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