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Producing rpm-4.6.0 package bundles

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Thu 18 Dec 2008 - 15:33:07 CET
Message-id: <30B6BAD1-86A8-49F0-B64A-B4BFCFB7BAB3@mac.com>

On Dec 18, 2008, at 4:03 AM, devzero2000 wrote:
> Please, can you tell ? I am interested.

As part of preparing for dealing with the incompatibilities
that are going to be introduced by the "official" release
of rpm-4.6.0 from rpm.org, I've started preparing my
own rpm-4.6.0 packaging.

I'm using a "package bundle" for several reasons, not
the least of which is that I want to be able to install/erase
all rpm-4.6.0 packaging as easily as possible.

Attached is a rpm-bundle.spec file that accomplishes
a "package bundle" for rpm-4.6.0. There's a bit
more to do (dealing with rpm-4.6.0 incompatibilities)
before sending the same "package bundle" example
to <rpm-list@rpm.org>, but I don't believe there's anything
in the attached rpm-bundle.spec that cannot be used right
now, certainly illustrating what is needed to produce a
"package bundle" is harmless.

Note that interoperability between rpm.org <-> rpm5.org
does not exist yet, waiting on the "official" rpm-4.6.0 release.

Currently, there are different Berekeley DB versions in use, different
fDB_HASH <-> DB_BTREE formats, and different /usr/lib/rpm/macros
configuration that are most certainly incompatible atm.


73 de Jeff

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