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Re: Spec file help

From: Eric MSP Veith <eveith@wwweb-library.net>
Date: Mon 22 Dec 2008 - 17:27:50 CET
Message-Id: <200812221727.50948.eveith@wwweb-library.net>
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what you've spotted there are issues specific to my own build system. 
The %{__make_install} macro is defined as %{__fakeroot} %{__make} install 
and is just a shortcut for me.

I chose to excplicitly add gcc and make as an requirement since not all 
packages need make or gcc by default, some just need javac and scons, for 
example. But I omit a huge pile of stuff that I request to be existent on 
every build system, things like gawk, sed, grep, coreutils, bash and the 
likes. Why they're needed should be evident.

On Monday 22 December 2008, Anders F Björklund <afb@rpm5.org> wrote:
> And these lines are not needed anymore, with RPM 5:
> Buildroot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-root
> [[ '%{buildroot}' != '/' ]] && %{__rm} -rf '%{buildroot}'
> The BuildRoot is automatically handled by RPM now...

I didn't know this. How is it handled?

		-- Eric
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