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Re: Spec file help

From: Anders F Björklund <afb@rpm5.org>
Date: Mon 22 Dec 2008 - 18:41:40 CET
Message-Id: <921A0131-2FA8-49E9-873C-1B607E4161E7@rpm5.org>
Eric MSP Veith wrote:

>> Otherwise one would expect it to work on a basic rpm5.org install,
>> such as the one (devtool macosx) where I tried it and failed... :-)
> Well, I'm not quite clear how this is handled on the list. Jeff on  
> some
> pourposes wrote that this or that is a vendor-specific decision,  
> leaving me
> with the impression that to create a "proper" or "complete" build  
> system a
> distributor has to get his hands dirty and create a set of macros  
> for his
> build system.

Yeah, there are few such distributors mentioned in the VENDORS file...
Still, macros such as %{__makeinstall} could very well go upstream ?

>> But if you have ideas, do bring them up here or on the rpm-devel  
>> list -
>> maybe they would be useful for everyone and could be included  
>> upstream ?
> What about provided a nicely formatted example spec file or spec file
> template that could be packed with RPM as additional documentation?

Sure, sounds like a good idea... Someone was doing a packaging of the
LFS bootstrap set as RPM specs, but doesn't seem to have followed  

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