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Re: Single RPM database, multiple platforms

From: Jeff Putsch <putsch@mxim.com>
Date: Wed 04 Mar 2009 - 08:52:13 CET
Message-Id: <372ACCB7-D393-4E0E-9FCB-64CC7DCF1052@mxim.com>
> On Mar 3, 2009, at 10:23 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> > Well try splitting the multiple platforms into multiple databases.
>> Adding CPU-VENDOR-OS macros into the rpmdb path is quite easy.
> Good to know..
>> Which means that if you do
>> 	echo '%_dbpath /var/lib/%{_target_cpu}-%{_target_os}' > /etc/rpm/ 
>> macros.dbpath
>> then you will have 1 rpmdb path for managing each CPU-OS platform.
>> Installation and/or --query reporting for each platform then needs
>> 	--target foo
>> or
>> 	--target foo-bar
>> added with the command. If you don't want to have to add --target  
>> explicitly,
>> then configure a popt alias in /etc/popt to hide the added option.

Right. So with "%_dbpath /var/lib/%{_target_cpu}-%{_target_os}", where  
does the DB for noarch packages go? Do I end up with one per % 
{_target_os} in /var/lib/noarch-%{_target_os}? My initial testing says  

Thanks again,


Jeff Putsch
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