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Re: Single RPM database, multiple platforms

From: Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@windriver.com>
Date: Wed 04 Mar 2009 - 15:19:07 CET
Message-ID: <49AE8DDB.2070203@windriver.com>
I have attempted something similar in the past, however on the same OS. 
Different databases made it easier to manage the components.

A simple wrapper for the RPM command line items would allow you to specify 
(either automatically via uname, or manually such as --os=) and then dynamically 
switch the database.  This would be a much safer solution as well.


Jeff Putsch wrote:
>>> What are you trying to do?
>> Why not use multiple databases on different paths, which include
>> a platform string in the path to the rpmdb, instantly avoiding
>> the problem that you are seeing, instead?
> Well... I need to put together a packaging system that manages multiple 
> architectures (platforms) at once. The packages are installed in a 
> shared disk space (NFS storage) and the directory structure being used 
> needs to be backwards compatible with one already in place. We use the 
> --prefix and --exec-prefix style split for most packages.
> The management of the installed packages needs to happen from one or 
> more computers sharing the storage and the management platforms may be 
> of different OSes and architectures for a given NFS repository.
> I need reporting, etc. from these hosts.
> Since RPM pretty much gets the job done (the key is to get the 
> "RPMTAG_ARCH" defined right), it seems much easier to me to have a 
> single rpm database for this shared tree, than multiple trees and 
> wrappers around RPM to make sure the right thing happens multiple times, 
> or to take the reporting output and merge it properly (e.g. a "noarch" 
> package installed in multiple trees should be reported only once). With 
> a merged tree and RPM handling the packaging the "multiple" part of the 
> problem takes care of itself.
> Thanks, again, for clearing up what RPM keys off of! I really appreciate 
> getting that straightened out.
> Jeff.
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