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Re: Attempting to compile rpm5 for RH Linux EL5

From: Anders F Björklund <afb@rpm5.org>
Date: Fri 18 Sep 2009 - 09:00:19 CEST
Message-Id: <8AD1481A-478F-4B04-AD93-B7F4A8F7C8CA@rpm5.org>
Jeff Johnson wrote:

> RPM carries an internal version of xar largely
> because most Linux distros don't carry or
> maintain xar reliably.

And partially because it hasn't been released...
The latest official release of xar is from 2007.

> Over time, rpm5.org has likely started to diverge from
> upstream XAR in some complicated ways, particularly
> with how XAR is configured. There's no intent to
> diverge, just noone has bothered to verify how
> closely internal <-> external xar agree, most of
> the changes are needed to use automake (which
> upstream XAR doesn't use).

Codewise, the internal XAR is supposed to be
identical to xar-1.6.0 - once that is out.
(Similar to how XZ is supposed to be identical
to xz-5.0.0 once that is released as stable)

But for RPM 5.0.0 we went with XAR 1.5 and
LZMA SDK support, since those were released
and thus more readily available in distros...
(internally we have xar-1.6dev and xz-4.999)

I made another sync effort of the internal xar,
minus some pending changes like adding latest
liblzma or adding more checksums - that isn't
affecting RPM's current usage of libxar anyway.

It's now on HEAD (see http://rpm5.org/sources.php)
and a candidate for backporting to the 5.2 branch.
But by all means do continue to use XAR 1.5.2,
especially for the older platforms like RHEL 5.

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