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Re: Creating patch rpms

From: Derek Pressnall <derekpr2@needcaffeine.net>
Date: Sat 07 Nov 2009 - 23:49:39 CET
Message-ID: <1209f0450911071449i60f017b6o24d889281ec4397e@mail.gmail.com>
> There's lots of ways to make skinny cats ;-)
> BTW, is this @rpm5.org RPM or something else. If @rpm5.org, there's
> significantly more ways to make skinny cats ;-)

I'm currently using an "enterprise linux" (RHEL) distro, so I'm stuck
with rpm4 (vendor support requirements).  However if rpm5 allows more
options, I'd consider installing that along side, and tracking my app
in a different rpm database (which is the main reason I posted on this
mailing list instead of the other RPM's list).  I was also hoping that
"delta rpms" that I've heard about could work too (I think that was a
feature that was discussed for RPM4, but I thought I remember hearing
about it for RPM5).

My other option would be to roll my own package management just for
this app, but I probably wouldn't get that to fly at work (until they
trust my code).


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