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Re: Regarding reliability of "repackage" and "rollback" options in RPM 5.x series

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Tue 10 Nov 2009 - 21:02:07 CET
Message-id: <F2A43FAB-78D7-4F87-993C-7976234E2DBC@mac.com>
The comments below most definitely do not apply to @rpm5.org code,
only to code produced by @rpm.org.

Repackaging is on by default always, and the --rollback framework
is still very much in place in @rpm5.org code.

As for "unreliable", that is an opinion from developers who do not
(and have not) used --rollback as in @rpm5.org.

However, please note that something called
	Transactionally Protected Package Management
(TPPM for short) is actively under development and will significantly  
how --rollback is implemented @rpm5.org over the next
couple of months.

So if you are looking to use --rollback then you may wish to consider
waiting for the description of TPPM.

73 de Jeff

On Nov 10, 2009, at 1:16 PM, manjunathan.padua@wipro.com wrote:

> Dear RPM5 team
>  We are considering use of RPM 5.x series as the packaging tool for  
> our system.
> During evaluation of rpm we found the following information on   
> features such as "repackage" and "rollback" are not reliable and  
> should not used for generally/production use ?
> Is this still the case in RPM 5.x series ?
> -----------The release notes for RPM 4.6.0 contain  
> this:----------------------------------
>  Removed features 
> Support for repackage and rollback have been removed as they're seen  
> too unreliable to be generally useful.
> Internal network transports have been removed. The remote fetch  
> capability is preserved by using an external, configurable helper  
> (curl by default). For network related configuration such as proxy  
> settings, environment variables like http_proxy are honored by curl,  
> rever to helper documentation for futher information.
> Solve database support has been removed as it has proven  
> impractical, severely limited in functionality and hasn't been used  
> by any major distro in years. Plans are to replace the suggestion  
> mechanism by a more flexible plugin architecture at some point.
> Support for automatic package relocation for IA-32 emulation layer  
> on IA-64 has been removed.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Appreciate your expert advice on this.
> Thanks & best regards,
> Manjunathan Padua Y
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