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Re: regarding "qf" folder in /lib/rpm/

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Thu 19 Nov 2009 - 13:37:58 CET
Message-id: <34DEA133-ADD7-41F9-A5ED-E270314C4E46@mac.com>

On Nov 19, 2009, at 5:04 AM, Manoj Palhade wrote:

> Dear Team,
> I have installed RPM on QNX. Following is my finding.
> qf is the folder get created in /lib/rpm directory. I am not sure about the purpose of this qf folder.
> /lib/rpm/qf
> Following are the files get created in qf folder. 
> deb_Packages,deb_Sources,deb_control,deb_md5sums,deb_postinst,deb_postrm,deb_preinst,deb_prerm,wnh_filelists_yaml,wnh_other_yaml,wnh_primary_yaml,yum_filelists_sqlite,yum_filelists_xml,yum_other_sqlite,yum_other_xml,yum_primary_sqlite,yum_primary_xml
> What is the purpose of these files? Is it mandatory to have these files available all time? If it is not mandatory how can I make sure that these files will not get created?
Those are qf template files that contain --queryformat arguments.

Traditionally, the --queryformats have been in /usr/lib/rpm/rpmpopt.

The --queryformat text was getting so large, and is shared
between executables, so separate files were created instead.

I can't answer "mandatory" nor even "required" without context.

If you remove the files, then certain
command line options will cease to work. The rpmrepo executable
will not function either.

You can edit scripts/Makefile if you need to make sure
the files will not be created. Just as easy to remove the
files after being created.

73 de Jeff

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