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error: failed to open /etc/mnttab: No such file or directory

From: Manoj Palhade <mpalhade@googlemail.com>
Date: Thu 26 Nov 2009 - 08:36:40 CET
Message-ID: <67f63fb0911252336x64f9da55j44bac365d9b589ad@mail.gmail.com>
Dear RPM Team,

I tried to install RPM Package on QNX with RPM 5.1.9

I am getting following “error message” but RPM Package get installed
successfully after this error message also.

error: failed to open /etc/mnttab: No such file or directory

I tried to debug code and following is the finding

Follwing code at line no 168 in \lib\fs.c file is gives above “error

mtab = fopen(MOUNTED, "r"); //

if (!mtab) {

    rpmlog(RPMLOG_ERR, _("failed to open %s: %s\n"), MOUNTED,


    return 1;


MOUNTED is defined at line 712 in system.h

#ifndef MOUNTED

#define MOUNTED "/etc/mnttab"


I haven’t understood the purpose of this MOUNTED.

This MOUNTED is not used anywhere in RPM source code.

On my QNX if I create folder mnttab at /etc/ then no error message” appears
while installing RPM Package

Thanks and Regards,
Manoj Palhade
Received on Thu Nov 26 08:36:58 2009
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