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Re: high performance computing, HA and RPM5

From: Michael Jennings <mej@kainx.org>
Date: Tue 08 Dec 2009 - 01:25:19 CET
Message-ID: <20091208002519.GI15960@kainx.org>
On Monday, 07 December 2009, at 22:31:00 (+0100),
devzero2000 wrote:

> This is your, informed, opinion. That i respect. But not for this i
> have agree: but let me see as the time go on.

Remember the mantra:  "Do one thing, and do it well."  You can have a
tool that's good at one thing or mediocre (or worse) at many things.

> > I don't think you understand how egotistical that sounds, and I'm
> > sure you didn't mean it that way.  But MANY people have given
> > great consideration to the problem of managing packages and
> > software installation on clusters.  If they're not using the tool
> > you think they should be using, rather than assuming it's because
> > they don't know any better, instead ponder if perhaps there might
> > be a very good reason.
> I know exactly why:

Now you're seeming egotistical again.  You're also wrong. :)

> They do not want or want to know how to make rpm
> proprietary applications (or open source, BTW ).

Incorrect.  I assure you, I know exactly how to make RPM's, even of
proprietary applications.  I still choose to manage end-user
applications, even the ones I can readily make RPM's for (and have
helped upstream with their spec files!), using another

You are assuming you have all the answers.  I'm trying to tell you
that you don't in as nice a way as I can. :)

> I know exactly how many organizations prioritize the manual approach
> to systems management (perhaps ITIL tell something in this regard,
> perhaps the SOX compliance policy tell also something : perhaps it
> is something like "HAVE YOUR WAY" ) . The problem is in general, rpm
> or not, HPC or not. I have used to doing package in the pkg
> management system (System V or Solaris if you are more young of me)
> in the 1995 . But NOONE care besides my self : HE, i am very lazy -
> i am not like chaos. Anyway, this post will be further confirm that
> it is a good thing not to use a package management system for
> applications and move towards chaos: many people love the chaos, I
> will not because life is too short ...  YMMV, as everyone else. And
> NOT : I don't want this fun.

Now it sounds like you are speaking out of anger and resentment as
opposed to an honest intellectual curiosity and willingness to learn.
Your comments are essentially an ad hominem against every other admin
but yourself.  In fact, there are so many logical fallacies here, I
can't remember all their names.  You wrongly assume that no one but
you cares about organization, simplicity, or compliance; you wrongly
assume that the rest of us all prefer "chaos;" you wrongly assume that
we must not have the same goals for no other reason than that we have
not reached the same conclusion you have.

I tried to explain to you why we do things the way we do.  It's fine
if you disagree; I'm happy to entertain constructive, logical debate
on the matter.  But what you wrote above is anything but.


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