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About the consistency of /var/lib/rpm/__db.00?

From: Marc MERLIN <marc_rpm@merlins.org>
Date: Sat 22 May 2010 - 01:35:32 CEST
Message-ID: <20100521233532.GA23117@merlins.org>

So running most rpm versions from this century :) creates
/var/lib/rpm/__db.00? when accessing the rpm dbs.

My understanding is that they are a temporary index created by the DB
libraries and I know they get recreated as needed.

I however have 3 questions I wasn't able to answer because I manage
machines where most of the system is rsynced (including packages and the
rpm DB).

1) can I configure rpm and/or the DB lib not to create those files?
   (they cause issues when we look at a 32bit image on a 64bit system
   for instance since rpm64 will try to read them and fail with a weird
   error message, also they are bloat on the image syncing process that
   I'd rather do without)

2) if I can't stop them from being created, would I be able to look for
   some exit code path in the rpm source and just delete them there?

3) what if a system has an rpmdb with those files and I revert the rpm
   db files (excluding those specific __db.00? files from the sync) so
   that the rpm db is now different form what it was when they were
   Does that create an inconsistency that could severly confuse RPM?

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Received on Sat May 22 02:15:53 2010
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