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What's the use of rpmmtree ?

From: Sriram Narayanan <sriram@belenix.org>
Date: Sun 24 Oct 2010 - 18:25:12 CEST
Message-ID: <AANLkTi=FyfA9NRrwtLfyONOH4e26pkFBQ_bE20EkvZbx@mail.gmail.com>

This is a newbie question. I'm facing an error about rpmmtree while
trying to build rpm5, and I'll ask that question on the devel list.

But as a newbie, I wanted to know what rpmmtree is for. I'm unable to
find anything meaningful on the web.


-- Sriram
Belenix: www.belenix.org
Received on Sun Oct 24 18:25:51 2010
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