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Re: Building a 32-bit RPM on a 64-bit machine?

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Fri 29 Oct 2010 - 16:20:28 CEST
Message-id: <6CC56C2D-44CF-4A4E-8B72-436CABBB275B@mac.com>

On Oct 29, 2010, at 10:11 AM, devzero2000 wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 4:03 PM, Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com> wrote:
> That does need root access to execute chrott(2).
> Or you can use pam_chroot http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/ap-chroot-ssh-env.en.html without being a root user.

Um, I'm not sure that pam_chroot is appropriate: the URL describes
how to run sshd with privilege sepeartion.

There are fakeroot (which is buggy) and pseudo syscall intercepters
that +/- the prefix implied by chroot(2).

There are other means to avoid needing root as well. But needing root
and building 32 bit on 64 bit are only incidentally related.

73 de Jeff
Received on Fri Oct 29 16:21:16 2010
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