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Re: Building a 32-bit RPM on a 64-bit machine?

From: Jeff Johnson <n3npq@mac.com>
Date: Fri 29 Oct 2010 - 17:18:18 CEST
Message-id: <5F130D41-F338-4ED2-96E7-128402A73EAF@mac.com>

On Oct 29, 2010, at 10:53 AM, devzero2000 wrote:

> Sure. It was only an little observation. Sorry if  not strictly related.


Getting pseudo wired into rpmio, and/or using mount -bind, or
just handling the +/- chroot prefix directly in RPM (all the wrapped
syscall intercepts exist for "RPM ACID" transactional logging) and
otherwise permitting RPM to be fully featured for non-root oddly
skew RPM development.

E.g. last night the bug in rpm- preserving CWD across
internal lua scripts (in the RHEL6 setup package) when chroot(2)
is performed bit me Yet Again.

I really wish these bugs could just be "fixed", not "faked". There are
design flaws in using chroot(2) (which requires root to use) with
tools to be used by non-root. Sure there's endless hack-o-rounds
to solve the issues.

73 de Jeff
Received on Fri Oct 29 17:18:38 2010
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